Lambert family history

Click on the photo gallery link to the left and you will find some old Victorian photographs from an album given by Thomas Lambert to his cousin Philip, Postmaster of Bicker in Lincolnshire. Philip married Sarah Jane Hales and the album contains a number of photos of the Hales family too.

Bob knows some of the subjects in the photos but not others.  If you hover the mouse pointer over the thumbnail, you will see the number of the photo in the bottom left hand corner of your browser. If you are interested in the context of the photographs and would like to see more old photos, take a look at the family tree.

Please drop Bob an e-mail with the photo number if you know anything more about the photograph. The e-mail link is on Bob's home page.

Some of Bob's ancestors were seafarers. The family originated in Lincolnshire but three lads, Alfred Turner, John William Lambert and his brother Thomas decided to try for their Master's certificates in Sunderland in the late 1860s. One was successful, one died and the other ended up as a labourer. See their stories unfold as Bob sorts out their history.

The sister of one of these mariners married a Taylor and migrated to New Zealand, her son, Thomas (Tommy) Taylor, was to become a prominent politician in New Zealand and mayor of Christchurch, but he died young. Tommy Taylor's son became New Zealand's ambassador to Japan.

The family tree is an interactive experience with photographs, demographics and family distribution integrated with Google maps.